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Exercise Tubes

Tubing is available in 100 foot dispenser carton and 25 foot professional pack. The specially formulated tubing is ideal for resistive exercise applications. Each tube can be used independently, or as part of a color-coded progressive resistance exercise program.

CAN-Do Exercise Tubes 25 foot-Professional Pack


Can-Do Exercise Tubes 100Foot  Clinic Hospital Despenser


Can-Do Exercise Tubes
25 Foot - Professional Pack

Model 5511 (Yellow,X-light)
Model 5512 (Red,Light)
Model 5513 (Green,Medium)
Model 5514 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5515 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5516 (Silver, XX-Heavy)

Can-Do Exercise Tubes
100 Foot - Clinic / Hospital Dispenser

Model 5521 (Yellow,X-light)
Model 5522 (Red,Light)
Model 5523 (Green,Medium)
Model 5524 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5525 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5526 (Silver, XX-Heavy)

CAN-DO "BOW-TIE" Exerciser

This exerciser is available in three lengths to accommodate all upper and lower body exercises. The foam handles are comfortable and allow for a firm grasp during exercise.




Can-DO "BOW-TIE" Exerciser
18" Length

Model 5571 (Yellow,X-light)
Model 5572 (Red,Light)
Model 5573 (Green,Medium)
Model 5574 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5575 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5576 (Silver, XX-Heavy)

Can-Do "BOW-TIE" Exerciser
36 " Length

Model 5581 (Yellow,X-light)
Model 5582 (Red,Light)
Model 5583 (Green,Medium)
Model 5584 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5585 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5586 (Silver, XX-Heavy)

Can-Do "BOW-TIE" Exerciser
48" Length

Model 5591 (Yellow,X-light)
Model 5592 (Red,Light)
Model 5593 (Green,Medium)
Model 5594 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5595 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5596 (Silver, XX-Heavy)

CAN-DO Exerciser With Handles

The Can-Do exerciser with handles is available in 3 lengths to accommodate all upper and lower body exercises. The foam handgrip fits comfortably in the palm during exercise.





Can-Do Exerciser with Handles
18" Length

Model 5541(Yellow,X-light)
Model 5542 (Red,Light)
Model 5543 (Green,Medium)
Model 5544 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5545 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5546 (Silver, XX-Heavy)


Can-Do Exerciser with Handles
36 " Length

Model 5551(Yellow,X-light)
Model 5552 (Red,Light)
Model 5553 (Green,Medium)
Model 5554 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5555 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5556 (Silver, XX-Heavy)

Can-Do EXERCISER with Handles
48" Length

Model 5561(Yellow,X-light)
Model 5562 (Red,Light)
Model 5563 (Green,Medium)
Model 5564 (Blue,Heavy)
Model 5565 (Black, X-Heavy)
Model 5566 (Silver, XX-Heavy)

CAN-DO Accessories

These accessories can be used with both band and tubing. One end of both the loop and anchor is used as a handle or grip. The other end is attached to a stationary object with either the "loop" or "anchor". The "anchor" fits in a door jam.


Hand / Foot Stirrups- Loop End

Model 5310 (Quantity 1)
Model 5311 (Quantity 10)
Model 5312 (Quantity 50)


Hand / Foot Stirrups- Anchor End

Model 5320 (Quantity 1)
Model 5321 (Quantity 10)
Model 5322 (Quantity 50)

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